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Short Stories & Fiction - Nixon

Michael Dukovsky first was likened to President Nixon in his mid-thirties.

Dark, bristling eyebrows, and a mouth that rarely experienced the joys of a smile, he possessed that half-arsed tilt of the lips that resembled a smirk. Just like Nixon.

Sleek, shiny hair, Dukovsky earned the moniker “Tricky Dick”, and was often called “Mr President” while he thumbed over the accounts in his mundane office role in Eureka Springs.

Dukovsky started work as a Nixon lookalike, often overlooking the jeers and hisses knowing that the two-hundred dollar check would be able to keep him free from rent arrears.

Eli Marks served in Vietnam, and earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.

Marks, a point man, returned home from his third tour of duty on the Freedom Bird and discovered a United States he no longer belonged to, nor was welcomed in.

Heroes no more, Marks was abandoned by the VA as the flashbacks of severed limbs haunted his every hour.

Dukovsky was hired for a TV commercial, on location where Marks would often roam around with a joint to numb the pain.

It was 1:27 pm, Wednesday 17th March, and as Dukovsky had finished filming, Marks shot him with a revolver and then blew his own brains out.

By Al Dudman

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