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The Machine by Alan Dudman

This is the home of some of my artwork, photography, short stories, media work, sporting tales and other nonsense. Enjoy!

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Short Stories & Fiction - The Magician

Success in love and magic had eluded our friend Claude, who had received a paean in neither. Blessed with his silver trousers and black...

Short Stories & Fiction - Nixon

Michael Dukovsky first was likened to President Nixon in his mid-thirties. Dark, bristling eyebrows, and a mouth that rarely experienced...

Am I a clairvoyant Bob?

A slightly misleading headline maybe, but a few things have happened to me with a sense of deja vu, and certainly events have happened of...

The speedboat near death experience

It came in 1992, a great holiday with my mates from school after the first year of A-levels. Memorable in so many ways, when Guy decided...

A bit part actor

I used to date one actress who vanished into thin air, then managed a date with someone who appeared in Sliding Doors. That failed to go...

The talented ghost

Legend has it that actor William Terriss haunts Covent Garden tube station, so too the Adelphi Theatre. Terriss was seen in 2005 at the...

Can you beat the drinks machine?

When I started out in journalism, the landscape was very different to what we see today. It was 'old school' with ashtrays at desks,...

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